Northwest Jimicup Mystery Competition

Much Anticipated Results:

Place Competitor Ride 1 Exit Ride 2 Exit Ride 3 Exit Ride 4 Exit Ride 5 Exit Total
1 Dominique DePalma 17.11 + 16.17 + 15.60 o 10.41 o 16.15 o 76.44
2 Tim Hollar 15.53 o 10.16 + 9.30 o 17.73 o 15.73 o 68.95
3 Steve Biggs 13.83 o 6.34 o 14.35 o 16.85 o 9.36 o 60.73
4 Mike Teham 5.47 o 10.34 o 8.03 o 11.21 o 3.16 o 38.21
5 Brandy Psymthe 10.79 - 7.46 o 6.96 o 5.16 o 4.26 o 34.13
6 Kirby 5.27 o 2.73 o 6.46 o 4.03 o 4.16 o 22.65
1 Cindy Hall 2.79 o 3.74 o 6.23 o 1.76 o 3.19 o 17.73

Date: Sunday, August 22, 2004, 10:00 AM Sharp

Directions: The competition will be held at Benji's Bender (aka ValueJet) on the lower Clackamas River. The site is on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. From I-84 & I-205 in Portland, take Interstate 205 south to Exit 12, Clackamas/Estacada. Turn east-bound onto Hwy. 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles through Clackamas to the Hwy. 212/224 split (Rock Creek junction). Follow Hwy. 224 to the right, following the signs to Estacada. At Carver, turn right and cross the river on the bridge. Go left at the end of the bridge, and pull into the Carver Park parking lot and boat ramp, which is visible just upstream from the bridge. The site is about a half mile upstream, accessed by wading the creek, proceeding up the river left bank. At the back of the small island, wade thru the shallow water, and bear right along the dry streambed. Follow this dry watercourse until it ends at the pool above the island, against a mudstone bank. The feature is the river left side of the rapid entering the top of the long pool.

Camping: The site is very close to Portland, and gets very heavy use this time of year. The closest officially sanctioned camping is at Barton County Park, on the river a couple of miles upstream. Some alternatives may be available depending on circumstances. See for info.

Registration: No entrance fee for the competition. The park does have a user fee.

Format/ Scoring: We will follow the time honored downtime competition formats that have been established by the competitions in the eastern US & Canada. Each competitor will get 5 tries to mystery move. Total downtime will be added up, and the highest time wins. Your time starts when your head goes below the surface, and ends when your shoulders come back up. A style score of + or half a second, or 0 will be awarded for flashy, sloppy, or neutral exits. Most exits are neutral..

Toilets: The park has full facilities. Keep valuables in the car to a minimum, as break-ins have occurred here at times in the past.


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